Welcome to our Payroll page! Our payroll team is responsible for managing the compensation and benefits of our clients. We ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time, and that they receive answers in a timely fashion to their inquiries. We follow Federal and Provincial CRA, CPP, EI, Worker Compensation, and Employer Health Tax rules and Taxes regulations.

We are seasoned professionals working with clients with a headcount of 1000 + employees.

Payroll Services

  • Processing payroll (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi–monthly, Monthly)
  • Transitioning process from existing payroll provider to new payroll providers (Setting up payroll instructions as per CRA, CPP, EI, Worker Compensation, and Employer Health Tax ( EHT) rules)
  • Preparation of Worker Compensation Quarterly and Annual reports (As per province/ Business requirements).
  • Preparation of Employer Health Tax reports (As per province requirements)
  • T4s and T4 Summary submissions
  • T4A Slip and T4A Submissions (Independent Contractors).
  • Remittances submissions ( CPP/EI/Taxes).
  • Record of employment submissions ( ROE)
  • Benefits Administration
  • Leave of Absence Management
  • Payroll Journal Entries and Invoices
  • Worker Compensation Claims Management


Trainings Services Offered :

  • Training services for payroll professionals.
  • Training services for Benefits clerks


At our company, we understand that Payroll is a critical function for our clients . We take our payroll responsibilities seriously, and we adhere to strict standards to ensure that payroll is processed accurately and efficiently.

Our Payroll Team is composed of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the field. We use the latest payroll software and technology to streamline our processes and provide timely and accurate payroll information to our clients.

We provide a range of payroll services, including processing payroll, managing employee benefits, and ensuring compliance with tax and labor laws.

Our best skill is ACCURACY!!

We have an EAGLE EYE for details!!

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